Eat your Brain Food!

Carbohydrates. The ideal carb to protein ratio is about 3:1. This is just my recommendation. Some dietitians say 4:1 and this may be true for some athletes but not all athletes. Any carbs are not ideal either, ideally fast absorbing carbs like glucose and fruit.

Sports nutrition is a very large topic and the schools of thought are very diverse. Some people say one thing is better, but research shows A, B, and C are better. Then research comes out showing that X, Y, and Z are just as effective. Basically there is no one set way to approach many sports nutrition topics, BUT there is more widely accepted ways to approach them.
The consensus here is that post-workout nutrition is a vital component to sports performance because what you eat and when is essential not only to recovering from the workout you just completed but to your overall daily healthy and energy. I have blogged on hydration already and the basic approach to sports nutrition here and it’s time to go a little more in depth and give the facts on post-workout nutrition.
Protein. Most studies show that 1.2-2 grams of protein per kilogram PER DAY is ideal. Of course this is America and we can’t make things simple because we use pounds here.
These are all VERY general and broad guidelines and for a more in depth individualized detailed plan contact me or a local dietitian. As always don’t embark on a new journey of health and/or fitness without consulting your doctor first.
Fat. Protein’s are mainly absorbed in the small intestine. If the stomach is emptied to slowly you are not going to meet your 30-60 minute “window” to refuel your body and rebuild your muscles.

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COVID-19 Update For 3ness events - Last Updated 14/05/2020 - Summer Fitness & Party Weekend Cancelled

Event Updates

3ness Fitness & Party Weekend – 3rd-5th July 2020 – Wokefield Estate have made contact today (14/05/20) and advised that they are unable to service this event due to the ongoing COVID situation. With this in mind it sadly means that the event is now cancelled. We will be in-touch next week to all those affected with options of a refund or transfer. Next years summer date has also been confirmed as the 9th-11th of July 2020.

3ness and Totally Shredded Rave on the Waves Boat Party – 11 July 2020 – This event is still due to go ahead, however is dependant on Government updates that may affect the boat company. We expect to receive communication from them in June and will update this feed then.

3ness & Soul Network Fitness and Soul Weekend – 13-15 November 2020 – This event is still scheduled to take place, however will be dependant on any future Government updates for COVID-19.

Ultimate Christmas Party – 19 December 2020 – This event is still scheduled to take place, however will be dependant on any future Government updates for COVID-19.

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